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How to distinguish the quality through outer appearance


The Rubber expansion joint has become an indispensable part in mordern industry, 
that is able to provide a good compensation for pipeline displacement for larger vibration in the pump area 
or under the the long-distance laid, the main structure of flexible rubber joint is rubber sphere, which provides multiple 
directions compensation function from axial,lateral and angular displacement.
As more and more important with the increasing market demand, we need to pay more attention on the quality of rubber bellows,
that will be better if you can discern from its appearance. HOLA as a professional manufacturer of rubber expansion joint can give you few comprehensive suggestions.
First of all, it should be black, no dirty on the surface of sphere, and nylon wire layer needs to be buried inside uniformly, no leakage.
Second, if there is a green or yellow impurities case, that shows the rubber joint was placed a long time and the vulcanized process
was bad
Finally you can press the surface with your finger, if it has good elasticity that will show its elastic deformation well, otherwise not qualified.
All above will cause bad effect on the usage of flexible joints easily, plz kindly confirm carefully.

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