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Why do you choose our PTFE lined rubber expansion joint


PTFE lined rubber flexible joint is normal rubber expansion joint with internal PTFE coating, main colour of coating is White, that can effectively protect rubber joint not corrosive by strong acid, strong alkali or high temperature fuel,etc, and its mechanical and physical performance is not affected, it also can compensate for misalignment and absorb the vibration, noise and shock. 
So PTFE lined rubber expansion joint is your best choice in those medium.
Our PTFE lined sphere joint used high quality Rubber, such as: EPDM/NR/NBR/Neoprene,etc, which have durable features, and the coated can effectively attach to the inner wall to avoid break away from medium washing or pipe stretch contraction.
After in-service use for many year, the direct factors affected the service life and performance of PTFE lined rubber bellows is temperature, pressure and medium,etc, so the quality guarantee is high quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods.
We produce the overall size of the lining rubber joint by our engineering and technical departures after years of unremitting efforts,
The features are:
1. The used temperature range can reach -60-200℃ under all chemical Strong corrosive medium
2. It can be used under the condition of vacuum, the chemical processing easily occurred Partial vacuum as cooling, longitudinal emissions, pump valve without synchronization etc.
3. PTFE lining rubber compensator can reach up to 3Mpa pressure in usage.
4. Superior Anti-osmotic as high density and enough thickness of PTFE lining layer.
5. The whole lining mould pressing sintering process solves the prblem that rubber and fluor stretch out and draw back by cool and heat, and bring it to synchronous expanding and contracting hydraulics.
6. Strong interchangeability that provides a great convenience for Installation and spare parts by modular size, especially in chemical pipe.
The PTFE lined rubber joint Zhengzhou Hola Business Co.,Ltd manufacture and supplied have the below advantages: Corrosion resistance, resistance to high pressure, Vacuum resistance,etc, plz contact us freely if interested.


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