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Manual Pinch Valve
Pinch Valve is the simplest valve design,include any valve with a flexible elastomer body that can be pinched close to cut off flow,using a mechanism or fluid pressure.
They are linear motion valves that can be used to start,stop and throttle media through a system.
Pinch valves are low maintenance,low weight,and can be used in systems requiring explosion proof line closure.
While the design of pinch valves provides extensive advantages for use in sterile lines and in situations where product purity is a high priority,
these same design features do create some disadvantages.Due to their elastomeric bodies, that is not viable in situations where the transport media is at a high temperature.
They are also not recommended for services that require high pressure flow,and for use with gases.
Method of Control:
1. Pinch valves use a liner motion method of control. 
2. The disc is a flexible material liner,similar to a diaphragm. 
3. The stem of the pinch valve has a free-moving connection to a moving closure bar,called a compressor,which is located directly above the liner. 
4. As the hand wheel is turned,the compressor lowers the liner to squeeze the liner against the bottom support to close the valve. 
5. The pressure of the media in the valve can help in starting or stopping the flow.
Body Materials: Cast iron or Aluminum alloy
Sleeve: Nature Rubber/ EPDM/ Neoprene, etc.

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