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Product Type:Rubber Expansion Joints

Product Title:Clamp Type Rubber Joint

Product Details

Clamp Type Rubber Joint completed with molded spherical and steel/ss clamps, 
They are designed for piping system to absorb pipe movement, relieve stress, reduce system noise/ vibration, 
compensate for misalignment/ offset and to protect rotating merchanical equipment against start-upsurge forces.
Features and Benefits
  Easy to install
  Wide service range with low cost, economical
  No gaskets required
  Short delivery time
  Absorbs directional movement
  Absorbs vibration, noise and shock
  Compensates for misalignment
  Wide flowing arch design

Data Sheet
slip on rubber joint
clamp rubber joint

1. Other nominal diameter can be OEM upon request.
2. Weights in the above table are joints with SS clamps.
3. Movements shown in the above table are non-concurrent.
4. Rubber Bellows material: EPDM/NR/NBR/Neoprene/Hypalon, others available upon request.

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