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Product Type:Rubber Expansion Joints

Product Title:Reduced Rubber Expansion Joint

Product Details

The Rubber joint Reducer is engineered special for pipe reducing. 
It offers an economic and space saving way to combine a reducing pipe fitting with an expansion joint, 
different sized pipe can be jointed by big and small flanges. 
Specifying Concentric Rubber Reducer to help solve piping system vibration or movements problems 
as well as connection problems.
Features and Benefits
  Versatile hand-built construction. Made in China
  Absorbs directional movement
  Absorbs vibration, noise and shock
  Compensates for misalignment
  More compensation capability
  Combine a reducing pipe with an expansion joint
  Embedded steel reinforce ring enable the pressure resistance
  Solid galvanized steel floating flanges speed the installation time
  Special grooved flange ring design, prevent rubber end pull out
  High tensile aircraft cable is embedded in the raised face rubber ends to prevent pull out 
    and avoids the sharp cutting edge of solid steel rings
  No gaskets required; integrally rubber flanged design, no gaskets required, DIN PN10/16 drilling standard, 
    other flange drilling available, including ANSI 150lb/300 lb, BS, and JIS

Data Sheet
reducer rubber joint

1. Control units must be used when piping is not properly anchored. 
2. Other Sizes or Materials are available upon request.
3. Normally, the flange drilling is based on DIN PN16, ANSI 150/250/300 lbs, BS PN10, JIS 10K , others are available upon request.

reduced rubber joint

reduced rubber expansion joint

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